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The Wings II

Location: Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong
Area: 950 sq.ft.
Status: Completed Oct 2017

The Wings II is an interior design concept that explores the idea of continuity in an apartment. While walls and doors have conventionally and conveniently divide a flat into multiple rooms of different purposes, we aim to examine any alternatives to achieve the sense of individual spaces within one space.

All partition walls are torn down except the ones that serve the utilities (bathrooms and kitchen), and the spaces are re-created by dividing the layout with double-sided cabinets. Hinged doors are replaced by sliding doors to allow for maximum openness when privacy is not necessary.

Removing the bricks and mortar made the apartment resembles an open plan living. The spaces are arranged, from the entrance, small to big to small (and on). The vertical edges of the cabinets are rounded off so our vision is not caught with a hard edge such that the journey in the apartment is a continuous flow.

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