SZ Changfu_XU LIANG LEON_13_2.jpg

Shenzhen Office & Entertainment

Location; Shenzhen, China
Area: 4,000 sq.ft.
Status: Completed June 2019

In collaboration with Michael He (The Office as a Project)

Photo: Xu Liang Leon

In this workspace for a brand new team of stock traders and analysts, we privileged the common amenity spaces—focusing on the importance of developing an active team culture as a precursor for success. Scattered zones for relaxation and other non-work activities make up a large portion of this workplace. Views, perspectives and a sense of enclosure vary as one moves around the surprising space. Custom-filtered dichroic film produces further novelty in colour and reflectivity and an air of space-age luxury.

Future growth and adaptations of the young business were considered through a provision of building systems for, and a partial outlining of, future enclosed offices.


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