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Tang Residence

Location: Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Area: 1,000 sq.ft.
Status: Completed Oct 2019

Photo: Lee Tsz Wah Bo
Art Direction: Carmen Cheng, Phoebe Cheng

This 1,000 sq.ft. residential interior plays a part in our ongoing exploration on the idea of open-plan living in an apartment setting. Through the elimination of walls and corridors, the living room, dining room and kitchen merge into one large continuous space that promotes natural light penetration and cross-ventilation. The entrance and connections to other rooms are highlighted as "spatial extrusions"- full height aluminium cladding in matte black finish that creates a change in mood and therefore increased privacy.

The master bathroom utilizes smart glass technology that switches between opaque and transparent whenever necessary. Such transparency adds multiple layers of depth to the bedroom. The tea room, tripling as a guest room and a study room, features a tatami flooring inside an isolated cozy space that offers a perfectly quiet environment for an afternoon read or meditation.