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About Us

Established in 2018, Architects Collective is a collaborative design studio based in Hong Kong. We believe in human-centric designs and flexibility in architecture that create spaces like open platforms that adapt to users’ varying and changing needs. We apply the same philosophy in our design process and are always on the lookout for specialist architects, designers and craftspeople into collaborations and making collective efforts to produce extraordinary work. This further serves as a ground for creation of brainstorming groups and a continuous learning opportunity for all the parties involved.

Prior to opening the studio, the partners have a cumulative of 10+ years of professional experience involving in schematic design, construction details, tendering and project coordination. Our current range of works goes from residential, commercial to office interiors, however we’d like to think of architecture as a tool to identify and solve bigger issues in the society. We are always in pursuit of new progressive models or typologies that tackle social and economical problems of the city and to provide a more humane and intuitive form of living for its citizens.


About the Crew

Jeffrey Lam

Founder / Director

Jeffrey graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from SCI-Arc in 2012. Before founding Architects Collective, he has worked at a Hong Kong-based automotive company for 4 years and acted as their in-house architect in charge of building their headquarters, service centres and members' clubhouse.

Douglas Leung

Design Consultant

Douglas graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from SCI-Arc in 2012. He is a registered Architect in Hong Kong with 6 years of professional experience in schematic design, construction details, government submission, tendering and project coordination, ranging from institutional to residential projects during his employments at ALKF+ and Benoy.

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