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Soho Art House

Location: Central, Hong Kong
Area: 470 sq.ft.

Status: Completed March 2020

The Soho Art House is designed for an owner who is a collector of pop art and street culture masterpieces. The apartment utilises a tremendous amount of white space serving as a backdrop for the collection. Shelves, window sills and multiple cabinets are all made with displaying various objects and plants in mind.

Light grey tiles and cement panels are used to compliment the white walls in the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen so that the art pieces are the accents themselves in regards to the overall interior, similar to that of a museum.

The deletion of a second bedroom eliminates the need of a corridor thus allowing for a much more voluminous living area while the original bedroom partition wall is replaced with one custom furniture piece that does it all- it opens on three sides serving as a TV wall, a wardrobe for the bedroom, a dry storage for the living room and a display cabinet that does not face any windows, where the most precious pieces are displayed strategically in accordance to protection from the sun.

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